Tokyo, the World’s Busiest Capital and an Exhibit of Age-Old Cultures

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Tokyo is one of the modern cities around the world where there is an abundance of Skyscrapers, highways, traffic, fast-paced life and restaurants. However, it is also one of those places, which have a special place in the books of history thanks to scores of historical places. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, which has merged as an economic power in the last few decades, and the capital city plays a major role in preserving its status. It is also one of the oldest cities in the world with its status as the capital of Japan ranging as far as 1869. It is the most populous metropolitan in the world as well as a major tourist attraction. People from all over the world visit the city in order to enjoy the life of this place.

Exploring the Modern lifestyle of Tokyo in Roppongi

We were in Japan, as we wanted to climb Mount Fuji in the country. After depending more than a week there, we came to the city of Tokyo. We found a restaurant in the Roppongi area and took a whole day rest since we were fatigued after the hike of Mount Fuji. On the next day, we went to visit the karaoke bars and Japanese style pubs known as an izakaya in the city. Traffic is also a problem in the city as hundreds and thousands of people are on the roads trying to reach either their workplaces or shopping malls. There are hundreds and thousands of people walking on the pavements, which give a clear manifestation of the lifestyle here. We fully enjoyed the urban lifestyle here and went shopping in malls scattered all over the city.

We also went to the Tokyo Skytree from whose top you can enjoy the scenic views of the city. 

Exploring the Traditional history of Tokyo

We spent a day exploring the signs of modernity in the capital city but now we were more determined to explore the historical side of the city. On the next day, we went to Senso – Ji Buddhist temple in the Asakusa district of the city. Senso – Ji temple is of high significance in the Buddhist traditions as it represents the goddess of mercy. We spend hours here soaking the peaceful vibes. We also spent some time in the temple meditating in order to cleanse our inner self. This was an amazing experience for us as it proved to be a contrast to the usual life of the city. We visited various other traditional and historic places in the city before we went to the Shibuya and Harajuku districts.

In these districts, there is an abundance of fashion and trendy outlets, which are a source of great attraction for the Gen-Z people. We spent a day here buying stylish clothes for us as well as preparing for our planned trips in the future.

After spending a week in the capital city, we decided to visit the other historic cities in the country. Get more info about the top 4 things to do in Kumasi ghana here.

Top Things to Do in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Top Things to Do in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a city like no other; a city of tango, food, shopping, and
nightlife. A city that inspires to greatness, that gets under your skin and is
confident and cool, sexy and fabulous. An oasis of European splendors tucked
away in South America.
Any true Porteños (the city’s residents) will tell you how they are far closer to
their European brothers than the rest of the continent. And while the
relationship might be rather one-sided there is no doubt that Buenos Aires is
the lovechild of old-world European grandeur and sexy, hot, smoldering Latin
Here are the top 5 things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1. Boca Juniors:

BA’s number one soccer team, once home to the legendary Diego Maradona,
plays out of the talismanic Bombonera stadium in the La Boca neighborhood.
Visiting BA without embracing its soccer is like heading to Paris and eating only
McDonalds: a crime. Throw on a bit of blue and yellow (Boca Juniors’ team’s
colors), take in a match and, no matter how engaging the game might be,
wonder at the excitement and mayhem of the most passionate fans in the

2. Buenos Aires’ Recoleta Cemetery:

Pay your respects to the cities fabulously rich and wealth are deceased and
marvel at their opulent tombs; surely one of the world’s most extra-ordinary

3. El Ateneo Grand Splendid:

Originally a grand theatre, then a grand cinema, it’s now a grand bookstore. In
fact, the 99-year-old Grand Splendid is one of the grandest stores in the world.
Reveling in its own history, the frescoed ceiling, elaborate theatre boxes and
even the bold red drapes are all intact, casting an eye-wateringly opulent
backdrop for the books. Take the time to sip a coffee and listen to some live
piano on the original stage, with sweeping views of the Grand Splendid in all its

4. San Telmo’s antique market:

Every Sunday the city’s largest market comes to life, extending across 5km of
city streets. Every treasure, trinket, and trophy you could possibly imagine is
on display here, and then some.
No Buenos Aires sightseeing expedition would be complete without a good
bargain hunt! Venture along from the main square and you’ll find another mile
of markets selling all sorts of handicrafts and souvenirs. Bargain hard, and
ensure you have plenty of luggage space to take it all home with you!

5. Milonga & Tango:

The life and soul of Buenos Aires is Tango. In grand halls and on street corners,
everything moves to the beat of the tangoing feet. A Milonga is the place to
see this in action, and, if you’re brave enough, join in.
To mix with the locals and get a real feel for how tango intoxicates the crowds.
Head to La Milonga del Indio on Sunday evenings to dance al fresco with
energetic septuagenarians in the historic Plaza Dorrego, or for a younger
crowd, get ready to sweat at La Viruta.

A Journey to the City of Bristol on the sides of River Avon

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Bristol on sides of River Avon

Bristol is among those cities in the world, which straddle along a river. River Avon cuts through the city while making its way towards the Avonmouth. It is the nexus of great tradition, history, art, architecture and River Avon passing through the city that makes Bristol a major tourist destination in the United Kingdom. The city is famous for a number of things all over the world. Such as street art, nightclubs, cafes and a variety of food stalls. We were traveling through different cities of Great Britain and had just visited London. Now we were planning to visit the South West England regions in order to fully explore the diversity of this part of the world. […]

Top 4 Things to Do in Kumasi, Ghana

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Kumasi is the major city in Ghana. It is located in the centre of Ghana’s Ashanti Kingdom. From nature and wildlife to great history and local food, here are some the greatest sites that tourists should visit while visiting this historic country. […]

Luxembourg City: 5 Things to Do

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Luxembourg City cityscape

Luxembourg City is place where history and modern life are combined together. It is a combination of ancient and modern, local and global, simplicity and luxury. The city is offering its visitors a blend of history, culture, art and natural landscapes.

We have collected the top 5 things to do in Luxembourg City if you want to spend some days in one of the finest European Cities.

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